At Graham Gould Motors, we ensure your steering and suspension is inspected and maintained correctly. If you sense that your vehicle has unusual noises or vibrations through the steering or when driving over bumps, call us and make an appointment for an inspection so we can resolve the issue.

Suspension Suspension

We advise our customers to have their suspension checked during routine services. Just like any other part, the suspension will wear out over time and will become a problem without much warning. We advise our customers that their vehicle’s suspension is very important for both their driving comfort and safety, as it includes shock absorbers, struts, and other hardware.

Here are a few warning signs to look out for with regards to your steering system:

  • A vibrating steering wheel
  • Steering feels loose
  • The car is generally hard to steer
  • The vehicle pulling to one side

Here are a few warning signs to look out for with regards to your suspension:

  • Leaning or rolling to one side when you turn
  • Rattling sounds
  • The car bouncing long after hitting a bump
  • The car dipping after braking
  • Tyres wearing faster than normal
  • Vibrating wheels

All our car suspension parts come with a manufacturer’s warranty and are high quality, long-lasting products. So when calling us with regards to you vehicle, be sure to use the above examples when explaining your problem.