Truck Servicing Eltham

How would it feel if you were driving your truck out in the middle of nowhere and your truck stops? You try to figure out what is the problem but cannot find the core issue that led to the breakdown. If you are a logistics firm or small business searching for a reliable truck servicing repair shop in Eltham, Melbourne then look no further because Graham Gould Motors is here to help.
Truck Servicing Eltham Truck Servicing Eltham

Light Truck Servicing

Graham Gould Motors has been providing the finest car services, repairs in Melbourne, Australia for over 28 years and our highly skilled and immensely experienced mechanics are the reason why. You never know what problem might be brewing in your truck engine and that is why our mechanics are here to repair anything using state-of-the-art technology.

We guarantee an efficient and reliable truck servicing in Eltham. Our range of services includes:

  • Vehicle Engine Tuning
  • Complete Engine Rebuilding & Reconditioning
  • Diesel Engine Reconditioning & Repairs
  • Welding Repairs
  • Body Repairs & Fabrication
  • Clutch Repairs
  • Suspension Repairs
  • Steering Repairs
  • Brake Repairs & Relining
  • Shock Absorber Replacements & Repairs
  • Springs
  • Gear Box Reconditioning &Differential Repairs
  • Licensing Services
  • Roadworthy Testing
  • Fitting of Turbo Kits
  • Turbo Charger Repairs
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Scheduled Services on Truck Manufacturers Warranty

When you arrive at our repair centre with your truck problems, we apply our vast knowledge and experience of vehicle engineering to guide you on the right solution. Once you hire us for the job, we guarantee satisfaction and make sure you understand that your source of income is in good hands.

In addition to the services above, we also offer 24 hours emergency mobile repairs and breakdowns service. Our mechanics specialize in diesel and other engines to provide for a remarkable service. They are always on the road when you need them and are equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment to serve you better.

Apart from the heavy truck servicing (up to 22 wheelers), we also provide small businesses with light truck servicing in Eltham, Melbourne. Often businesses use light trucks for day-to-day deliveries and covering short distances so it is always in the right frame of mind to regularly service your trucks before it causes you any inconvenience. Small business owners consider it as a huge expense to spend on regular repairs and tune-ups but in reality, it will turn out to be a bigger burden if you do not deliver on time due to a sudden breakdown or seized engine.

We always try to understand and be 100% sure before we advise on any change of engine & other truck components but we also do not want you to come back with a bigger problem and blame us for negligence.

At Graham Gould Motors, trustworthy truck servicing is provided in Eltham, Melbourne so your first experience is memorable and satisfactory. For all your future repairs and engine works, come to Graham Gould Motors or call us at 9431 0266.