Logbook Service

Graham Gould Motors will look after your new car warranty by servicing as per manufactures recommendations and keep your new car warranty valid. We stamp your logbook protecting your cars warranty, we service all makes and models and offer both major and minor servicing.

Car Service Eltham, Yallambie & Briar Hill

In order to keep your car running in top shape you must have your car regularly serviced by a qualified mechanic according to the car manufacturer’s recommended logbook maintenance schedule.
Logbook Service Logbook Service

A car log book service helps you to avoid:

  • Excessive repair costs
  • High fuel costs
  • High running costs
  • Lowering your cars resale value
  • Losing your manufacturer’s warranty

Log Book Service @ Graham Gould

A log book service means complete servicing of your vehicle the way it was intended by the manufacturer. You need to look out for an authorised service department, who follows the guidelines as needed and one who can stamp your log book as per the specifications given by the manufacturer, thus being able to maintain the warranty.


You need to choose keeping in mind the following:

  • Centre whose employees are qualified in the work undertaken.
  • The specifications are followed to the tee.
  • Using parts of high quality, which are appropriate.

Keeping in mind the above, you will be sure of getting your vehicle on the road faster instead of unnecessary delays and hassles.

Graham Gould and log book servicing

Graham Gould has strived to build a reputation of offering services with a high quality and that too at highly affordable prices. Be it log book service at Eltham or your car servicing at Yallambie, we make sure that your car is returned to you in a top condition, with the required parts being replaced with high quality ones. The log book is maintained for new cars as well as old ones, as they help you keep a track of all the repairs and services done on your car.


Log book servicing is able to provide you a planned servicing at the right time, so that you are not left high and dry in the middle of nowhere in case you have forgotten to service the vehicle.

1. The repairs performed with the help of log book servicing are done specifically following the instructions given by the manufacturer.

2. You are given the choice of choosing whichever mechanic you feel is proper for the servicing of your car, since the servicing and repairs will be done only according to the log book.

3. Saving money is easier with this, as you are able to avail a promotional price for a number of repairs and services and not waiting till you actually have a break down. Here, you do not waste money on the towing of the car also.

4. Taking it from one auto shop to another, there are greater chances of the engine getting damaged. With the log book servicing, you visit one auto shop and this also helps in the development of trust.

5. You can safely trust your car to any auto shop, you wish since you are sure that your car will be checked by the standards mentioned in the log book.


Contacting us at Graham Gould, you can be assured that log book service at Eltham of your car is in trusted hands, and you are saving on high fuel costs, high running costs and excessive cost of repairs. You can e-mail us or give us a call as soon as you feel the date of servicing is nearing. We give you our quotes, and you can sit back and relax, while we take over from here. Keeping in touch, there are more than one possibility of you being able to avail our special offers, which we have on a constant basis.


With our experience in this field for more than twenty years, you can be assured that Graham Gould can give a guarantee on all the work undertaken and the prices, for sure will be reasonable. There are no reasons of complaint where the efficiency is concerned.